The oil reserves in North Dakota’s Bakken region rival those found under the sands of Saudi Arabia. It’s little surprise, then, that the Bakken Formation in the Upper Midwest continues to drive an economic boom that is showing little sign of subsiding.

Many are calling the Bakken oil reserves the “North Dakota Miracle,” a once-in-a-generation opportunity in oil, gas, real estate, business, investment and economic development.

Investors from across the country are welcome to join Minnesota Real Estate Journal in Bismarck, N.D., to meet with leaders from North Dakota and the oil and gas industries about the industry springing up around the Bakken. Investors will get an in-depth look at opportunities in the region and opportunities in Bismarck when Minnesota Real Estate Journal & Midwest Real Estate News present its “Investing in the Bakken Bismarck Summit” from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. November 13 at the Ramada Bismarck Hotel, 1400 E. Interchange Ave., Bismarck, ND.

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Confirmed speakers include:  Lt. Governor, Drew Wrigley,  Rich Wardner, North Dakota State Senator; Tom Rolfstad, City of Williston; Mike Seminary, Bismarck Mayor; Alfred Teran, Crude Energy; Jill Duemelands, Duemelands Commercial; Matt Reichart, Aspen Group; Joe Kachuroi, Dakota Land Investments; Vicky Steiner, North Dakota State Representative; Brent Bogar, North Dakota Association of Oil and Gas Producing Counties; and many more.

The early-bird rate for this summit is $79.

The Bakken’s opportunities for the energy industry are the most obvious. Geologists estimate that the region holds more than 25 billion barrels of recoverable oil – and those estimates are considered by many to be rather conservative.

But the Bakken and Bismarck also holds tremendous opportunity for real estate developers, investors and other businesses. The oil boom is driving explosive job and population growth in North Dakota, yet the state still boasts the lowest unemployment rate in the nation, under 3 percent. Workers are flocking from other states, yet North Dakota can’t hire people fast enough to meet demand. Nor does it have the infrastructure and amenities needed to support the rapid growth.

“We need more of everything in the Bakken,” one of the speakers said recently during a similar conference. There is a critical shortage of housing, healthcare, retail, hotels, restaurants and other services – not to mention an urgent need to improve basic infrastructure: roads; electric power lines; oil, gas and water pipelines; water systems; rail trains load facilities; natural gas plants; oil refineries; and much more.

“The opportunities are almost limitless – and it is not too late to get involved,” says Jeff Johnson, Publisher of Minnesota Real Estate Journal. “North Dakota and the Bakken are still in the early stages of growth and prosperity, and there are many opportunities to profit – either directly with business ventures in the region or by investing in the ventures already in place.”

 “Any person who has any sort of interest in what is happening in the Bakken and how the Bakken will impact the Bismarck area should attend this event” Johnson says. “Attendees will walk away from this conference with actionable knowledge they can use immediately to make informed business and investment decisions.”

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